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#4373: Evil Empire : Morse

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

I never thought I'ld be quoting Ronald Reagan, but the situation down 
here is getting drastic. The new "Evil Empire" of the 21st century is, 
of course, the "narco state". Narcoism will replace communism as 
the "Great Enemy". The main financing of this empire comes from within 
the United States. People gettin high. Its sort of like a cancer, 
spreading. The profiteers of the empire are generally south of the 
Texas and Florida borders, Bush Country.

Now they're saying that a sizable percentage of Evil Empire traffic is 
going through Haiti. If the police can round up all those plotting 
politicians in a day or two, how come they can only find a few kilos of 
high grade flour, when fourteen percent of U.S. import is passing under 
their very noses.

Richard Morse

p.s.  I happened to meet one of the journalists that took the boat 
ride. He looked pretty bugged out by the whole scenario. I don't think 
he'll ever want to do that again. By the same token, I've met Haitians 
who took the boat ride and got sent back. They seem to be eagerly 
awaiting their next opportunity to leave. I guess the boat ride looks 
bad when compared to a plane ride, but looks good compared to being 
stuck where you don't want to be stuck.