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#4393: re; Jean Beaujour solutions : Young replies

From: David x Young <frelgo@interport.net>

Now we are getting somewhere. However I don't see the remark that "Jean
Claude a vie" is such a negative. He was only a figurehead, like a king or
queen. One hopes to avoid the reflexive 'bad dictator' liberal boilerplate
here-- the country was working well under this figurehead. The fact that he
was more Queen than King was his greatest negative, for he allowed gay
nightclubs to exist out in Bizoton, bringing  AIDS into Haiti, and his limp
masculinity made him vulnerable for the  manipulative greed and
aggrandizement of Bennet and his daughter. which led to the downfall of the
whole works, and Bennet's entry of the drug trade into Haiti.

The current situation is an unspeakable disaster, and a far cry from those
days--perhaps unrecoverable-- there are too many voudong dogooders in the
works who do not comprehend the true character of Haitian culture and
History. The power drive and ego of the pipsqueak theologian only gums it all
up--- you will find him to be far worse than Papa Doc ever was--even
transcendant to the conceits of Michele.

I agree that Haiti could be a great country along the lines Beaujour
delineates--- we might have got there, too, with a little patience, if the
greed of one mulatto opportunist had mot intruded.

David X Young