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#4406: Morse comments on "11" (fwd)


Many people are coming around looking for answers. A few elders of the 
community are coming around a bit confused. One told me something he said he 
hadn't told anyone. He said he voted "11". He said he voted "11" all the way. 
He said his 18 year old son voted "11". In essence he was telling me that the 
population voted "11" and yet blanc was saying something else. I think he was 
looking for a blanc perspective. When he came up to me I had been listening 
to the latest mix of my "Songs From The Last Testament". He listened and said 
the songs spoke the truth. I listened with him and was able to gain his 
perspective on the parables. I realized that when he heard "Juda", he didn't 
interpret it as I did.
 Before he left I told him that blanc is business oriented. If you have the 
power and you have the people than you don't have to light the streets on 
fire. Everything is in your hands. You don't need to self destruct in order 
to prove a point. You can't do business and attract business with disorder. 
Gran moun nan has to be able to metrize the situation. Gran moun nan is being 
tested as all leaders are tested. Why self-destruct?
When they were really needed (during the three years), rocks and tires were 
very ineffective, non-existent. When Prime minister-designate Preval was 
rejected by the Lavalas parliament, tires were very ineffective. Haiti has to 
get beyond this point.
A leader is responsible for a country, not just his voting constituency. The 
voting majority in Haiti is paying the consequences of leadership that can't 
take the situation to a higher level.
I know a Haitian revolutionary who got into a pretty horrible jam and was 
bailed out by blanc. As soon as he was voted into office he began shouting 
"get maman blanc" on the streets. Now that he is no longer in office, he has 
returned to blanc for support. Sound familiar?
I see how quickly boat people with little education adapt in Miami, to 
renting their own homes, paying monthly bills, receiving hourly wages, 
driving their own cars and I realize that its the Haitian leadership thats 
not moving fast enough for change in Haiti. 
Everyone voted "11", now its up to "11" to show a mature leadership and get 
the whole train on the track, not just the personal dining car. It won't be 
easy, but those are the expectations.

Richard Morse