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#4424: Needs source of French book on Baby Doc

From: CLAUDE FEVRIER <claudef@gte.net> 

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to him and not to Corbett or the list.  His address is above this

  I am french but I have a butcher store in Port au Prince from 1981 to 
1991 on Delmas betwen  Delmas 64 & 66  due to the bad situation to 
operate my business I live that country in 1991
I loose a lot a money in the last transaction but anyway we are in life 
   I am every morning in my computer to get the last news from FRANCE 
-CANADA -and HAITI  because at my age 72  I have a friends in all that 
 But during my time in that country  I have no time to be increase in the 
history .But now i have a time to read  For me it impossible to find a 
book of the evenement  of J-C Duvalier when
a take the power  to 1986 .
 The first thing w/ my commerce I have many contact w/ some people  ( 
Cedras- Estime -Simeon-Avril-Namphyand at this time serve many embassy 
and consulates
(Canada-U.S.A.-Germay -Belgium 0and many other customer ( Cassis 
Behrman-Madsen etc.. 
      My request I want find a book for the   of the J-C power in Haiti
can you help me 
I am sorry for my english but I think you understand me  Parle creole un 
tout petit peu
    Thanks for your help
                                        Claude FEVRIER  ex " FLEUR de LYS 
" on Delmas