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#4430: National uniforms:Morse/Poincy (fwd)

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

To Poincy:
Though I am not qualified to run a country or turn a country's economy 
around, I suspect that your approach, on the surface, is a bit naive 
and isolationist. Haiti has dug a hole that is quite deep and will need 
investment partners to rekindle the economy(for example: USSR/Cuba). To 
plant cotton and produce textiles to make clothing at a competitive 
rate for local consumption seems a little far-fetched. What if the 
locals don't like your fashion sense?
On the other hand, perhaps you are hinting at something else:
I recently saw a National Geographic magazine from the 1930's and all 
the market women were wearing carabella blue or they were dressed all 
in white. Are you thinking of requiring people to wear a national 
uniform made locally? Castro uses these Special times to make Special 
laws. Is this the future of Haiti? Who will be Haiti's investment 
partner? Columbia?
Cuba is moving towards capitalism and tourism and is also having some 
sanctions dropped by a Republican congress! Is Haiti, meanwhile, 
heading for totalitarianism/old school communism, sugar and cotton? 
Thats pretty heavy innuendo. Uniforms... Well.....I guess its good to 
know all the options before you choose the best one....Will I get 
beaten up on the street for my long hair or for expressing my ideas or 
is this going to be a "kinder, gentler totalitarianism.

Richard Morse