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#4436: Burnham talks of power, corruption and agrees with morse (fwd)

From: thor burnham <thorald_mb@hotmail.com>

just so you know, im in Oaxaca (southwest mexico) in an internet cafe, 
listening and watching mtv and listening to the young internet surfers speak 
spanish...interestingly enough, they surf in groups and interact and engage 
with one another...something i dont usually see...if you could see (many of 
you have) how a little infrstructure can go a long way in attracting 
tourists....this is it...(sans resort, mind you...but it´s a great place 
nonetheless.) they go to the polls on sunday to choose the next president as 
well....could get interesting.

I´d like to say that no matter how pure Aristide is (and i am still a fan, 
although talk to me after his next term is over in 2006) his political 
apparatus and the hangers on may not be. The point is, power needs to be 
subject to checks and balances. if it is not, it is just too tempting for 
those who have it to abuse it. They are after all, human. and, i´m a firm 
believer in a nonpolitical police force. So to those of you are bending over 
backwards to deflect all criticism away from lavalas...i´m sorry, but 
history, in particular haitian history, has demonstrated repeatedly what 
happens when people have unfettered power. it has nothing to do with them 
being haitian. it has everything to do with being human. i don´t trust 
anybody with power and authority, simply because they have it. they must be 
watched, cajoled, criticised, analysed and made fun of. they are, after all, 
in the public eye.
   if that is not the case, it´s not a healthy democracy. in fact, it may 
not be a democracy at all. it is the duty and responsibility of citizens to 
closely watch those in power.
   kudos to Blanchet and the revived journalist association. a very 
important step
   Morse is right. lavalas has walked the walk, they haven{t talked the 
talk. i´m hoping that when aristide wins in the presidential elections, that 
they will walk the walk. it would truly be wonderful and long overdue.

muchas gracias
Thor Burnham

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