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#4438: On a Beaujour's idea of federation for Ayiti (fwd)

From: Jean Poincy <caineve@idt.net>

Jean Beaujour's idea of a federation "à la US" is excellent in itself,
but not expedient at the initial stage of reorganizing Ayiti. The
country is on the verge to explode as a result of the citizenry's
ignorance, myopic vision, dismissal of cooperation and failure to
identify their own good.

Due to the time factor in the process of reorganizing and a lack of
political foundation, the adoption of such a form of government is a
failure in itself. The question is when is the best time to get the
result sought for from a federation where each department would enjoy
great liberty to act upon public affaires without much interference from
the central government.

The constraints outlined above must be resolved or circumvented. Only in
doing so the foundation for a federation will be laid. Democracy, which
is inherent to the functionality of a federation, is totally absent in
the country and can't be present in the next generation. 

What I am referring to is a democratic form of government based either
on a participatory system for all categories or a participatory system
exclusive "strictly" to the governing elite. For the former to be
possible, the country would have to acquire significant experience in
the democratic process, which is not the case in Ayiti. The latter, does
not have this requirement, since only the capable ones are to be in
control of the government machine and need not to be chosen by the
people. Yes! Having a group formed of well knowledgeable individuals
governing through consultation and cooperation, a democratic process is
well in place. 

At this stage only, the foundation for federation is laid out and can be
put in effect through strict and sound legislations. Each department
would be a mirror image of the national government. Its government would
be kept in check by the central government. Each head of the department
would be appointed by the central government based on a list of
potential candidates presented by a body of people of each department

After a generation, a sufficient period within which the citizenry can
be politically educated properly, a federation form of government can be
deeply rooted. During this generation, the form of exclusive democratic
government must be authoritarian to build its base and have its laws
respected. Before then, it will be fruitless and the beauty of a
federation can be spoiled.

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live