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#4443: Durban on Criminal Deportees (fwd)

From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

Heard an interesting proposal in Haiti last weekend that
would cater to President Preval's basic dislike of the U.S.
while effectively giving Haiti one more chance to thumb its
nose at the world community.  More importantly, it would
effectively stop the return of all criminal deportees to
Haiti, thus contributing to a reduction in crime against
innocent victims.  Here's the (slightly tongue in cheek)

Haiti negotiates to take back criminals 10 at a time, down
from the present 60, upon U.S. agreement to send the most
dangerously violent bunch back to Haiti on the first
flight.  Immediately upon disembarkation in Haiti the 10
are marched out and shot.  No trumped-up trials, no chance
for pay-offs, just immediate and decisive action.

Imagine the outcry!  Quite certainly the anguished bleating
of bleeding hearts across the U.S.  would preclude any
further repatriations, while recriminations flew about
whether, indeed, the Clinton Administration could have
known it was dealing with such a bunch savages on that
unfortunate western half of Hispaniola.  But wait a minute
folks, those in Haiti need to weigh the pros and the cons
before rejecting this idea as out of hand.  

UPSIDE:  No more hardened criminals (or petty thugs)
deported to Haitian shores; reduced crime in Haiti leading
to greater willingness on the part of tourists and
Haitian-Americans to screw up their courage and actually
visit the country.  More business for U.S. lawyers
defending potential deportees, and increased probabililites
that this criminal element would get another crack at
practicing their trade in the U.S... where they would
really rather be in the first place!   More USAID grant
money offered to help Haiti offer legal services to the
criminally accused in Haiti. 

DOWNSIDE:  Short term bad press about how really bad Haiti
must be to have actually executed these poor lads. 
Confirmation in some eyes that the legal system in Haiti
needs fixin'   Fewer 'clients' for Michelle Karshan's
deportee rehab project (nice website, by the way,
Michelle).... but this would give her more time to devote
to other, perhaps more worthwhile, beneficiaries already in
Haiti.  Probably some other downsides but can't think of
any offhand.


As I say, this was not offered as a serious suggestion and
I'm not repeating it as anything other than conversation
grist for the Corbett Forum.  BUT, frankly, the very idea
that the U.S. can foist its hardened criminals on Haiti IS
infuriating.  There should be a statute of limitations on
such deportations.  To my mind, a practicing criminal who
has acquired his nefarious skills in the U.S. should, at a
minimum, be required to do his time in the U.S.  

Lance Durban 

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