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#449: Wharram replies to Morse

To Morse: 
I guess I missed something along the way re. your post #4427, or else I'm 
having another "senior moment".  I would imagine that the following 
comment of yours
went to a post of Grey's which I must have missed: 
I couldn't go into the math of "if one person voted for three senators, 
two voted for two and four voted for one, how many people voted?" 
The math of this specific statement is that seven people voted.  If the 
question is "how many total votes were cast", the answer would be 
eleven.  What am I
If it's a fact that the same method of tallying votes was used by the CEP 
in 1995 and other elections, why the complaints now?  Also, it's tough 
for me to understand
why the OAS, US, UN and other groups outside of Haiti are even involved 
in trying to run the Haitian elections, unless might it be that these 
groups want "their
people" in the government so Haiti can continue to be manipulated to suit 
their desires. 

Bruce Wharram