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#4453: Auguste replie to Durban on Criminal Deportees (fwd)


Dear Bob: Is the following set in the format that you requested some time 
ago? I don't want to irritate you, just asking for future reference. 

Key words: Deportees, Removal, Convicted Aliens, INS, Returnees. 

Convicted and sentenced criminals do serve their time in the United States 
holding facilities and are then held by the immigration authorities and only 
then are they processed for removal to their country of origin. In New York 
State, more specifically Westchester County, the chances of a convicted legal 
immigrant being deported from a county jail at the completion of a  
misdemeanor sentence is generally slim to none. They are qualified for 
removal but there is not an active chase after people in that category. 
However if convicted of a felony one is most likely to be held in a state 
prison. And at the end of such a felony sentence one is most definitely 
confronted by the INS agents. 

All this to say that the imposed sentence is satisfied first, then removal 
proceedings are started.
So if serving time in a state prison expect to see INS at the end of your 
incarceration. If convicted of certain misdemeanors watch out for the INS 
check points upon re-entering the US from a stay outside of the US. 

On an aside I have been reading the criminal returnees debate. But what 
should the US do with people who are here as a privilege, a courtesy and who 
are committing crimes? Why shouldn't it be able to remove them to their 
places of origin. 

I have also read about those people being criminally trained in the US. True 
perhaps but didn't those trainees have the same opportunity as anyone else 
here to learn something other than crimes?  Why should the US bear the burden 
of their choices.