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#4461: Stephenson replies to Goff regarding U.S. foreign policy (fwd)

From: Wrede Stevenson <wrede25@hotmail.com>

Thanks, Goff, for explaining why the US will invade Haiti.  The analysis, 
though long on rhetoric, was short on facts.  (Citing all of US - Haitian 
History as evidence is a neat trick.)  The idea that powerful factions in 
the US government don't like Aristide much hardly translates to an invasion 
or the conclusion that they won't allow him to take power.

The CIA works with all sorts of unsavory characters, and not much can be 
drawn from the fact that some coup leaders were on the payroll.  What should 
be made of the fact that those in the CIA who manufactured the sharpest 
anti-Aristide propaganda have been reassigned, reprimanded, and 

Fact is, policy makers in the US were reluctant to engaged in operations in 
Haiti the last time, and they are even more reluctant now.  General Shelton 
sure doesn't support the idea, nor does Colonel Patton.  Who is shaping the 
policy to which you refer?  The State Department?  Political parties?

Please not that I'm not supporting any specific policy the US has toward 
Haiti, but the idea that part of policy is to invade Haiti again, or that 
the plans are in the works, is quite a stretch.


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