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#4464: re re Dorce/Scott (fwd)

From: David x Young <frelgo@interport.net>

David x Young wrote:

> Ms Dorce is correct in this, as I myself have also witnessed in the late
> seventies--early eighties in the Bizoton area.  But outside of that--
> and the disastrous marriage to Bennett the Jean Claude regime was one of
> the most successful runs for the economy, stability, and general
> crimeless peace in the country. I could walk alone anywhere in Haiti
> sans fear of any violence. When I wanted to research RWACONGO, the
> scenario I was writing about La Gonave, the tourist office under Theo
> Duval was most generous with transportation, providing me with a free
> car for three weeks directly upon my arrival in the airport.
> Jump cut to 1995 after the return of  Aristide; I arrive with a
> developed plan for the promotion of tourism in the 'new' Haiti-- planned
> with one of the top advertising directors in New York, and after three
> wasted weeks there never even got to an interview with the new tourist
> director.  The mob was out to grab for the government goodies all over 
again like
> the early Papa Doc days. and to hell with any attempts to do good for
> Haiti. It seems now that very condition has far worsened, despite the
> claims of those ambiguous election results.Back to ground zero.
> David X Young