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#4470: new book on haiti (fwd)

From: Nancy Dorsinville <ndorsinv@hsph.harvard.edu>


Title: 		Haiti in Focus : A Guide to the People, Politics, and Culture 
Author:	 	Charles Arthur 
Publisher:	Interlink Pub Group; ISBN: 1566563593 
		July 2000

Book Description 
During two centuries of independence from colonial rule, Haiti has
developed into a society quite distinct from those found in the rest of
the region. Hollywood-derived images of black magic, and Graham
Greene-inspired conceptions of a "nightmare republic" do scant justice to
the reality of life for those who make up the third largest population in
the Caribbean. Despite the 1994 United Nations military intervention that
momentarily put Haiti on newspaper front pages, the country remains little
known or understood. How did the slaves of France's most prosperous colony
defeat the armies of Napoleon, Spain and Britain? What happened to Haiti
after it became the world's first black republic? Why did the U.S.
occupation of 1915-34 fail to establish a plantation economy in Haiti as
in other Caribbean colonies and Central American republics? Was "Papa Doc"
Duvalier just a brutal dictator or a black nationalist trying to break the
dominance of the mulatto minority? What do international NGOs do in Haiti?

>From the Publisher 
Haiti in Focus is an authoritative and up-to-date guide to this
fascinating country. It explores the land, history and politics, economy,
society and people, culture and environment, and includes tips on where to
go and what to see. Charles Arthur is the co-ordinator of the London-based
Haiti Support Group and the co-editor of Libte: A Haiti Anthology.