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#4477: Math and voting (fwd)

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

To Wharram:

1 voter for 3 senators
2 voters for 2 senators
four voters, each for 1 senator 
Seven voters and eleven votes.
Like I said, I'm not good at this stuff but I'll give it a try:

Option a)%50 of seven voters equals 3.5 plus one equals 4.5 rounded up 
to 5. To get to the second round, some one needs five out of the seven 
voters. %71 of the vote

Option b)%50 percent of eleven votes is 5.5, plus one is 6.5, rounded 
up to seven. To get to the second round all seven voters have to vote 
for the candidate. One hundred percent of the voters.

Option c) eleven votes; estimate the number of voters by dividing by 
three(# of candidates). 3.66 voters rounded up to 4. Half plus one 
equals 3. Three votes to get you to the second round. 3 out of eleven 
or %27.

Option d) seven voters, estimate three votes each, equals 21 votes. One 
half of 21 plus one equals 11.5, rounded up to twelve. Twelve votes 
gets you to the second round. Eleven votes were cast.

Option e) none of the above

Now I'm sure there are plenty of other options and I'm not sure which 
one was chosen by the varying participants but it sure is confusing to 
me and I would hate to explain it to someone in Creole. Perhaps Mr 
Kozyn can give us a hand one more time and explain to us which option 
is the "correct" one.

Richard Morse