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#4479: Lafortune replies to Arthur

From: joseph lafortune <ctec4234@yahoo.com>

  Dear Charles,
  Let me congratulate you for being such objective.At
least the community international could use those
informations as reference.
  Your name sound Haitian, if it is not, my apologies.
In addendum,I would like to introduce the socio
cultural aspect of : death, dead; killing;   

Dead people in the street mostly found in the
periphery of the netropolitan area(Rue cout; mache en
fè; coix bossales)could be : psychological. The use of
homeless dead in hospital morgue with cow blood in the
slaughter house could do a tremendous impact.

Political death does not happen the same day, it takes
days to a year, because if it is a political
connection it could be a warning; directly connected
it could happen during a hot day, the government would
have to endorse those killing.

Other killing are emotional with a passionate
background, these make those situations difficult than
ever,now we have a third party.
 In retrospect on february the 7th, killing, fire in
the street,vandalism started with K-Plume(Evans
Paul),later on you find him powerful than ever with
FNCD, with his influence they gave birth to a monster
with the approbation of the International community.
jean Dominique a role model has step off the the line
while enthroning all the acts perpetrated  by Lavalas
Family.Today,the office of the space is burned down
the same way they did it to others.   
 Website: joelafortune2000.com

J. Lafortune md cph lhrm