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#4489: Blanchet on the elections : Gill comments

From: markgill <markgill@clas.net>

The fact is that the murky results mean that his government
> will lack legitimacy among all Haitians.

Max's point is well taken......Aristide had the opportuntiy to stand above
past corrupt political methods....he had the opportunity to stand out as a
true leader.....to stand for something bigger and better than Haitians had
been used to in their national leaders.....to lift Haiti in the eyes of the
international community.....

and, surely, he must know this......why he allowed or has not disavowed the
tainted elections, due to the antics of his own supporters, has long range
implications......as Max so aptly said, there will be less chance for real

he has stood for participation, but when the chance came to support his own
stated beliefs, he backed down.....this does not bode well for the next five