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#4496: Graves replies to Delatour

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

     Bob, Hope this is not too "heavy" for the list, especially coming from 
     the archimandrite! +AM/FM
                       O-hi-o, Gosayemas; konichi-wa.
        That's pretty much the extent of my Japanese, and that's old US 
     military Japanese from long ago when I was there. (Not that long ago, 
     mind you!)
        This is a response to Mario Delatour (#4442) from Tokyo, Japan;the 
     "gros grain" authority. The conclusions reached by Mario in his  
     recent posting were positively accurate, although I can not comment 
     personally on the weight and dimensions of those "heavies" as did 
     Mario; that takes somewhat first-hand experience! I never had the time 
     to go out measuring! (Only kidding, Mario, but you did leave yourself 
        Neverthless, Mario did hit the nail on the head (or would "crack 
     the nuts" be a better metaphor?) in describing the named individuals 
     and their maniacal desire for power, control and sadistic posture. 
     These persons, and many others like them are/were responsible for 
     wreaking utter havoc on Haiti, and much of their manner was/is derived 
     from Haitian culture and folk-belief. ("The bigger, the better; the 
     stronger, the more fearsome"). Haitians basically revere "big guys", 
     and that has been the cause of most of Haiti's woes. If one can prove 
     himself to be a big guy (even if he isn't), he can scare others into 
     doing his bidding. Did you know that poor old Jean Claude Duvallier 
     was considered a "gros grain" until someone let the cat out of the bag 
     (metaphorically-speaking) and it was discovered that he was merely a 
     wimp! Soon after that serious discovery, Jean Claude was toppled and 
     some other "gros grains" (bent-over ones, at that!) took over. Then 
     they all tried to prove that one was bigger than the other, and they 
     wound-up "castrating" one another! A real case of "tell and show"...or 
     at least pretend and keep'em guessing!
        And then the world depository of "gros grains" took things into its 
     hands (metaphorically-speaking again!) and sent big planes to fly the 
     "heavies" out. The two ensuing leaders of Haiti...both little guys 
     comparatively-speaking (and I never heard them brag), have been trying 
     to do a good job...and that takes guts and brains, not heavy privates! 
     Let's stick with those who are trying to better Haiti by using their 
     determination and their brains, instead of standing-by and letting the 
     "gros grains" run the show.   
        "Onward and Upward" should be our watchword, and "gros grains" do 
     nothing but pull you down. (Metaphorically-speaking, again!)
                                     Archimandrite  (+AM/FM)