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#4511: Magnot replies on deportees

From: Sandra Mignot <s-mignot@designer-gift.com>

I think you forget one thing : those who are living in the US have not
always chosen to be there. The problem is that many of those haitian
deportees are "sent back" to a country they don't even know the language.
Nor do they have family in there.
You are talking about their country, but which one is it : the one they have
lived in mostly all their lives, because their parents had immigrate, or the
one that is written on their birthact ?
I'd rather think that it is the former one, where they have all their
relatives, friends, family, sometime wife and children.

Moreover, don't forget they have already served their time in jail. They
have paid their debt to the american society. Sending them "back" to Haiti
is a double sentence, a way of bannishing people like France used to do in
the nineteeth century with Cayenne. Is that progress in human rights ?
Sandra Mignot