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#4532: Cell telephone in Haiti via Miami: Corbett inquires

>From Bob Corbett

I was curious about Richard Morse's post about the cell phone.

As I understand it he contracted service in Miami for $35.00
a month which gave him 240 minutes a month.  I take it that was for
EITHER local or long-distance service.

Do I have this correct?  If this is the case, then anyone in Haiti
who had $35.00 a month for a phone and didn't talk more than 240
minutes would have a marvelous deal.

I know nothing of cell phones.  What happens when someone calls YOU?
Is that part of your 240 minutes, or are these minutes only when you call
someone?  How much are extra minutes above the 240?

Is it legal to have a phone in Haiti which is actually on a phone system
from another country?  Can this actually be traced?

If I have the basics straight what would EVER be the advantage of
having a phone in the Haitian system since that system is so

Please help this uninitiate in this world of cell phones understand.
Are there any draw backs or negative features I am not seeing?

Thanks,  Bob Corbett