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#4538: OAS Observer Mission to Pull Out of Haiti Election (fwd)


Friday July 7 5:33 PM ET 
 OAS Observer Mission to Pull Out of Haiti Election

 WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Organization of American States said on
Friday it was pulling its observer mission out of Haiti before the
second round of voting in congressional and municipal elections on
Sunday, saying first round tallies for senate races were not fair.
 Repeating its withdrawal from Peru's tainted elections in May, the OAS
said it could not observe Sunday's voting because the results from the
May 21 vote were inaccurate.``The OAS electoral observation mission has
determined that, according to provisions of Haiti's own electoral
legislation, the final results for the senate election as proclaimed by
the Provisional  Electoral Council are incorrect,'' an OAS statement
said.ission cannot consider them either accurate or fair'', it said.
``As a result, the mission announced it will not observe the second
round of the electoral process scheduled to take place on Sunday, July
9th,'' the statement said.