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4546: Re: #4513:Gill replies to Graves

From: markgill <markgill@clas.net>

What's to be feared about a "one party democracy"?
>      That might get Haiti on the right road, at least the leadership would
>      be in agreement for awhile, anyway. Haiti can never get anywhere
>      the leadership agrees to march together (read "ansanm"). That is one
>      of the reasons I always liked the Lavalas motto, which is the goal of
>      Lavalas. Nothing substantial and nothing lasting can ever come of
>      continual bickering and political maneuvering on the part of
>      opposition politicians with negligible followings.

****now, i have respect for the Father, for i am "of the faith".....but,
first, the idea of a "one party democracy" is an oxymoron....second, "one
party" always leads away from democracy, not towards it....

it is this sort of idealistic attitude that led many Theologians down to
Nicaragua during the hey-day of the Sandinistas, proclaiming "liberation
theology" as the hope for the future....the problem was that the Theology
Boys were as naive as
could be and left after a time, given the corrupt nature of the Sandinistas
and their supposed attachment to Liberation Theology tenets...

a "one party democracy" is a standard Liberation Theology term and it is
fraught with danger....it sounds real good on paper, but when put into
practice, it becomes nothing more than repression and control, but by
another name....anyone schooled in politcal theory knows this.....

if the opposition in Haiti is so weak and has such a small following  , then
why the Lavalas efforts to "insure' victory?  why all the outcry against
vote fraud against Aristide and Lavalas?