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#4580: Schumann comments

From: M Schumann <schumannm@hotmail.com>

I again must applaud Mr. Pena's statements regarding the current elections 
in Haiti.

I also must thank Mr. Corbett for deleting, not posting, my last post 
regarding christian exploitation of Haitians in the name of christianity; 
vs. Voudou. You are right, Mr. Corbett, "saving the savages" is not proper 
language on a mail list dominated by the those who in one way or another 
hold the ideology. Really, what is fit to post here?!

Tonight, I am quite happy to spend the evening with my Haitian friends in 
Boston, two of which return tomorrow. It is clear that the true majority of 
the people want Aristide, for better or worse and all the bitching in the 
world is not going to convince them otherwise. The majority is democracy, 
yes? What are you going to do and what do you wish to do? Let it be, let it 
be, goddamnit! (i.e. "everybody knows about ........ goddamn." Is that too 
politically incorrect Mr. Corbett? So then, delete away and the word will 
spread as fast as the the word on the street about the elections, Mr. 

Oh, so much to say about all those ready to buy the crap the press is
printing, but perhaps Mr. Chamberlain is ready to give a defense on behalf 
of the press. Really, the gig is up mate. "The poorest country in the 
western world" just said piss on it and we are going to make a way. What do 
you say mate? Yes. your instinct is to quote it, eh?

Who else would we hear from here besides those who can afford it; a Haitian 
peasant? No, not here. So then, who to believe? Gee. I don't know... an 
American priest, an outside expert, oh boy, who is hungry here?!!!


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