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#4589: half-billion dollars in foreign aid? (fwd)

From: Stuart M Leiderman <leidermn@cisunix.unh.edu>

Dear Group:

The past few weeks, several news articles said there are a half-billion
dollars in foreign aid commitments for Haiti waiting for the country to
settle down, get back to work and afford some security for loans, grants
and contracts.  What are the details of this, i.e., the names of agencies
and companies, the amounts involved, the purposes, the conditions or
terms, how the projects fit into national goals and objectives, etc.?  I'd
appreciate any leads on this.

For comparison, a half-billion dollars is approximately the value of an
Italian satellite NASA lost on a space shuttle mission a couple years

Thanks for an excellent e-list.

Stuart M. Leiderman <leidermn@hypatia.unh.edu>
"Environmental Refugees and Ecological Restoration"
Environmental Response/4th World Project
c/o Natural Resources Department
University of New Hampshire-Durham 03824

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