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#4604: Graves responding to Dorsinville (fwd)

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

     Dear Nancy,
        Greetings from Haiti. Sorry, but I suppose I just did not get the 
     point of your posting and comment/question to me. I will attempt to 
     explain my position/feelings on this whole issue. Fourteen years in 
     Haiti have given me much experience, and that experience has been in 
     working with the people; trying to help in whatever way possible, and 
     that with very little financial support.I'm not complaining; I'm 
     merely making a point.
        Although I have had many wonderful (and some sad) experiences 
     during my time in Haiti, one thing which stands-out strongest is the 
     innane ability of all-too-many Haitians to argue and disagree over 
     just about any and everything! It is so difficult to get Haitians to 
     work together or to march together, hence my use of all the mottos and 
     metaphores I can dig-up to emphasize the importance of togetherness 
        To me, and to many of my expatriot friends who live here in Haiti, the  
     current chaos over elections...and in actuality the whole chaotic scene in 
     Haiti, is due to argument; individualism; selfishness; boastfulness; prIde 
     (that magiscule "I" in the middle is there on purpose!), and downright     
     evil. My comments are based upon the belief that nothing good can ever come 
     to Haiti (other than yours truly of course!) until the people here begin to 
     walk and work and think and plan together. It may be that the popular party 
     (Lavalas) and the popular leader (Aristide) have flaws, I don't know...and 
     basically don't care in this discussion! I see the only hope in Haiti as   
     being at unity with them. Maybe all the opposition politicians have a point 
     or so to make, but until the Haitian people begin to follow their own state 
     motto: L'Union Fait La Force", I do not forsee any "force" coming which    
     will sweep Haiti into better circumstances.
        And so, "ansanm, ansanm". "together, together";  "United we stand;      
     divided we fall"...(and that's not Haitian!); "Allons enfants de la patria; 
     le jour de gloire et arrive"...(and that's not Haitian, either!) And let's 
     not forget the words of our own National Anthem (one of the most beautiful 
     and least known): "Pour le pays, pour les ancetres; marchons unis; marchons 
     unis. Dans nos rangs point de traitre, du sol soyons seuls maitres.        
     Marchons unis; marchons unis; pour le pays, pour les ancetres. Marchons,   
     marchons, marchons unis, pour le pays, pour les ancetres!"
        What better way to end this message, and I assure you that there is no  
     better way to bring peace, happiness and stability to Haiti.
                       Marchons unis,
                       Father Michael Graves