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#4611: Lafortune comments on Joe Gaetgens soccer career and life

From: joseph lafortune <ctec4234@yahoo.com>

Joe Gaetgens as an athlete has created a legacy
through the world, not because he defended the
American Flag and scored at the last minute, That day;
was the day he introduced a new style and strategy
taylor by the individualism.  
It was never mentioned by the american he was assigned
the better player of the year,including Europe because
of his Haitian descents.
Back to Haiti, he went back to the field to inject the
technical support to his team " Haitian Star"
He was welcome to his old fellow teamate, the new team
even though he was away for some times,it was a
problem. Ther was a cultural shock which he did
The Gaetgens represent an elite of the bourgeoisie
class,coming back home was an obstacle to his friends.
At the National Soccer team, he introduced the
strategy to the fellow team, Fenol from the "Black
Eagle" did the interpretation so well that the foreign
that came to haiti always receive the surprise by the
The strategy was : 4-2-4 that the Brasilian team would
implement.It is Joe,it is Haitian.
How, One of the soccer coach that Haiti ever had,Dan
Gorgadis, a greek fluent in french, the creole by
excellence. There joe first problem started, because
Francois Duvalier had a great admiration for him,
Zoupim one of the top world player did report joe was
francois duvalier counselor, The 74 national soccer
team would tell you Francois dream was to make the
haitian team as the Urugayan team, Money making team.
But did not have time.
Joe's desappearance: 
In the past, around 46, Haiti had many stream of
thoughts; The Marxist=Leninism was the most prominent
PUCH- PUSH- PCH. Joewas an intellectual, close to his
books"It seems, according to many,thanks to joe, they
have become acquainted to the PEKIN journal.
Joe has travelled quite a lot and has an other
conception of the struggle, With Joe The "haitian
has made the integration of kids from other social
Unfortunately, those parties could not keep on because
of the government pressure, during this time those who
did not tolerate joe built up a very compromising 
situation that send him to jail. According to Zoupim ,
when Fancois Duvalier became aware, he sent for
him,they had his name changed and those dogs had their
own way to hide things from Francois Duvalier. I am
not only a physician,I have studied mode of
Transmission of AIDS in certain
By the way, if you did not know,be aware that Famy
lavalas and OPL are the resultant of those
Marxist-Leninist parties.
It is very unfortunate we have no reference in terms
of archives or library. We can only learn through the
dean  of the area, the oldest
Name such as : Joe Gaetgens, AIGS, dadadou
ti jack, fito joseph, Zoupim etc
should be placed at the Haitian Hall of fames.
It is OK.
I am sending by he same token the historic mission of
the diaspora
Joe lafortune md cph lhrm