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#4628: A Lynching (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <MaxBlanchet@worldnet.att.net>

Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 14:19:38 -0700
To: HaitiNewsSummary@aol.com
From: Almada <creole@uclink4.berkeley.edu>

A Modern Lynching

Here we go again folks--Another black man burned by the New York Police
and New York's justice system. This time the set up was against one of
their own--AN HONEST COP. Some believe that this black Haitian officer is
being used to settle the score for the white officers that got burned in
the case of Haitian defendant Abner Louima: Make a Haitian pay, any
Haitian will do. Read on and decide for yourselves, but remember that
very recently a former New York City police officer was sentenced to more
than 15 years in prison for holding-down Abner Louima as he was raped and
tortured by New York City's finest, in of all places the police station's
bathroom. The officer, Charles Schwarz, was sentenced to 15 years and
eight months. He was also ordered to pay Abner Louima the sum of $277,495 in restitution. The other officers in the case also received unexpected long term jail time or have to pay heavy restitutions.

Now read what happened to the Haitian officer Augusto Tavernier.

On October 11, 1994, at approximately 10:30 PM, officer Tavernier was
going home from work via the Long Island Expressway when a friend of the
family paged him. He got off the expressway and stopped at a Mobil gas
station with a public telephone designed to be used by a motorist
directly from their vehicle. Officer Tavernier waited about 10 minutes
for an unknown individual to complete a call and then proceeded to use
the phone while still sitting in his car. Officer Tavernier had just
reached his party when a white man, 6'2" tall and weighing about 230lbs.
(officer Tavernier weights 165lbs. and is 5'7" tall), came up to him and
told him--loudly enough for others to hear--"get off the phone nigger."
Officer Tavernier remained in his car and continued his call, calmly
rolling-up his window. At that point, Thomas Jocks (the hostile
individual) pushed down on the phone hook, disconnecting officer
Tavernier's line. Officer Tavernier dropped the receiver out of the car
window, drove a few feet, parked, and walked back towards the phone and
towards Thomas Jocks. Before the officer could engage Jocks in any
dialogue, Jocks savagely bashed him in the face with the back of the
receiver. In pain and profusely bleeding from the mouth where the
receiver had just hit him, officer Tavernier detained Jocks and called
911. The County police came and took Jocks away. Officer Tavernier was
taken from the crime scene directly to the hospital. Presently, (5 years
or so later) officer Tavernier is still receiving treatment for the
fracture he received from Thomas Jocks.

Keep in mind that the black officer never laid a hand on the white man
that assaulted him, and that Thomas Jocks himself stated that the officer
had not in anyway brutalized him. Also keep in mind that there are three
civilian witnesses who at the time collaborated the story you just read.
However, the most important thing to keep in mind, is that it was other
officers who booked Thomas Jocks. That after these officers had taken
Jocks's statement, the tree witnesses' statements, and officer
Tavernier's statement at the hospital; THEY, not officer Tavernier,
charged Jocks with assault in the second degree, and filed in the police
report that officer Tavernier was acting within the boundaries of his

Now this is were it gets curious. On March 9, 2000, Thomas Jocks sues the
New York City Police Department for unlawful arrest. Presiding over the
case was Judge, Thomas Platt and an all white jury. Remember the case is
not about any type of physical injury, but about unlawful arrest, so as
you will see, the Judgment reached by the court has shocked many.
The Judge dismisses the unlawful arrest charges against the New York City
Police Department. HOWEVER, he did not drop them against officer
Tavernier. Officer Tavernier was not allowed to call any of the witnesses
that had been present at the scene of the crime. The Judge made specific
statement implying to the Jury that, although officer Tavernier was not
the one who made the arresting charges, he should be the one held
accountable. Judge Platt's ordered black, shattered jawed, Haitian
officer Tavernier to pay white, untouched Thomas Jocks $622,000 in the
civil suite against the New York City Police Department. At a subsequent
hearing in again ruled upon by Judge Platt, the Judge ruled that the
police department is not bound to pay any of the fine, but that only
officer Tavernier was accountable and had to pay the fine.

Today, the bank accounts of both Tavernier and his wife have been seized,
all his assets such as his house, his car and even his
pension--everything officer Tavernier and his family have worked for many
years--were mentioned in the judgment and are now in jeopardy of becoming the property of Thomas Jocks. Officer Tavernier has had to cut all of his two young children's regular activities since the family can no longer
financial means for them.

Today officer Tavernier is on the verge of complete financial destruction. Tavernier, his wife, and his two young daughters are being systematically destroyed because the New York City Police department deliberately failed to provide him with adequate council, and a bias Judge with an all white Jury decided to punish a black cop who has an impeccable record.

This officer that the New York State is hanging-out-to-dry has won over
22 Awards during his years with the Police department. Included in these
awards is the one for saving the life of seven other officers and many
civilians during an uprising in Haiti (published in the New York Times
and in the Miami Herald). He received another award from the Christian
Community Health Team, in Brooklyn, for services rendered in the
community. Officer Tavernier was awarded six times for Perfect
Attendance, and fourteen times for Police and Military Achievements. The
list of awards given to this officer is numerous, but because New York
City officials are now out for revenge, this Haitian-American cop is
being steadily snuffed out.

If you have any thoughts on this case please email or write to your
Congressmen; the New York City Police Department; the NY city NAACP
chapter, or any one else you can think of.