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#4640: Re: #4620: The EU on Haiti's Electoral Process (fwd) and their threat: a ques... A reply


"There hasn't been any aid to the Haitian government for the last 3 years "

I am afraid this is true. Haiti has not gotten any substantial help from the 
international community in the past three years. This may in fact, explain 
the reluctance of the Haitian leadership to negotiate with the International 
Community, over the vote counts issue in the Senate. As I think I said 
before, the current leadership seems to believe based on past experience, 
that it is damned if it does and damned if it does not. The International 
Community usually promise the moon and only give birth to poultry eggs.

So no matter what happens here, the future Haitian Government which will be 
very likely an Aristide government, will not get much help if any, from the 
International Community. This is my assessment, based on our limited 
experience for the past few years. I still believe however, that the Lavalas 
leadership needs to negotiate a way out of this issue by having some of the 
elected Senators go back for a second round. It is very, very likely that 
most (if not all of them) will still win. This will be good for the party's 
image. This will also prove to those who follow Haiti closely, that there 
was, nor is there any intention by the IC to give any help to a government 
which they view unfairly with suspicion. The real goal here, as far as I can 
see it, is to "box it and kill it". This is why I think Lavalas must be 
careful. You win a war by sometimes, losing a few battles. That is what at 
least to me, the art of negotiating is all about.

Hyppolite Pierre