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#4647: Slavin: Hachette-Deschamps Takes On Amazon (fwd)

From: Patrick Slavin <pslavin@unicefusa.org>

       Hachette-Deschamps is pleased to announce the launch of Culture


       The objectives of Culture Lakay at Hachette-Deschamps are to
       enable you to order directly online an ever increasing
       collection of cultural and educational products from Haiti.

       At Culture Lakay you will find an expanding assortment and
       choice from Hachette-Deschamps, from Maison Henri Deschamps and
       from authors, musicians and other creative artists from Haiti.

       Culture Lakay has the historical distinction of being the first
       Haitian E-Commerce site on the Internet.

       Culture Lakay's completely secure SSL server (Secure Socket
       Layer) is hosted in the United States at the largest E-Commerce
       hosting facility in the world. We use the highest rated
       E-Commerce software on the internet in conjunction with PGP
       Encryption technolgogy to ensure your absolute online security.
       All orders are processed through the secure Sogebank processing
       network and you have the guaranty of placing your order with


       founded in 1995, is the Franco-Haitian joint-venture founded
       and managed by the
       French publisher Hachette,

       of the Lagardere Media Group, founded in 1848,

       and the Haitian Publishing Company Maison Henri Deschamps,
       founded in Haiti in 1898.

       We hope you will make yourself at home at Culture Lakay.