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bcorbett@netcom.com writes:

<< 1. from the get go, the 1987 constitution was a pre-fabricated document 
 imposed on the haitian people who had preffered the total " DECHOUKAJ" 
 Duvalierism. >>

This is a new one. How was the 1987 constitution pre-fabricated when Haitians 
wrote it, debates went on about it on the radio, in the written press, in 
small and big circles, etc? How was it pre-fabricated when over 80 percent of 
the population, rich and poor, voted for it?

Naturaly my dear, the foreign elements probably had some of their hands in 
it. This is quite normal since Haiti is a poor country with no sustainable 
economy. This kind of foreign involvment in our political process is bound to 
continue until we can fly off of our own wings. Even then, there will be 
foreign involvment. There is nothing you and I or anyone else can do about 
it. We do not live in a vacuum and, that is a very good thing.

I love to read those preaching revolution. Haiti has gone through revolutions 
ever since its independence. Nothing good had come out of them. Now is a time 
for reflection, for fixing what's wrong and for firm decisions by government 
with broad support of most if not all segments of society. It is also time 
for us to learn the art of negotiation and reject the "know-it-all, I'm 
always right" mentality that come with what you guys like to call revolution.

Hyppolite Pierre