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#4695: From Marilyn Mason: Strategic Partnership - MIT2 and TAAI (fwd)


To the Friends of Marilyn Mason, Jeff Allen & MIT2,

Jeff and I would like to inform you of a new strategic partnership which has 
been struck between Mason Integrated Technologies Ltd (MIT2) and the 
Transnational Arctic and Antarctic Institute (TAAI).

This kind of cross-fertilization is going to be win/win for not only Creoles 
and Pidgins and Alaskan languages, but also for other minority and vernacular 
languages.  Experiences gained and shared between language groups in the 
coldest climes on the planet with those in the most tropical can only add to 
the science of bringing together language technologies with so-called 
minority languages.

Here is the Press Release which has been hitting the airwaves:

Strategic Partnership between MIT2 and TAAI 

A strategic alliance has just been announced between 
Mason Integrated Technologies Ltd (MIT2) and the 
Transnational Arctic and Antarctic Institute (TAAI). 

MIT2, founded by Marilyn Mason in 1996, is a software 
development and service provider specialized in language 
processing solutions for several minority and less-prevalent 
languages. Although initially focused on Creole languages, 
MIT2 has been extending its efforts to meet the needs of other 
cultural and language groups. 

TAAI, founded by Peter Wilkniss in 1997, has been undertaking 
the Computer-assisted Translation of Alaska Native Languages 
(CATANAL) project as a means of preserving and improving 
communication between the various native languages of Alaska 
and between these languages and English. 

Jeffrey Allen, who has held advisory roles with both MIT2 and 
TAAI since 1998, states that "many people talk about wanting 
to implement language technologies into contexts for neglected 
languages. MIT2 and TAAI are two of the only organizations in 
the world that have taken this beyond an idea on paper. They 
have both heavily invested time, money and resources into 
creating networks of technically competent and culturally 
sensitive teams to make their efforts beneficial for the 
intended users." 

The cooperative effort between MIT2 and TAAI will allow both 
organizations to combine their efforts for reaching even wider 
communities and populations with their products and services. 

For more information, please contact: 

Mason Integrated Technologies Ltd (MIT2) 
P.O. Box 181015, Boston, MA 02118 USA 
Tel: (+1) 617 247-8885, Fax: (+1) 617 262-8923 
E-mail: mit2usa@aol.com 
Web: http://hometown.aol.com/mit2usa/Index2.html 

Transnational Arctic and Antarctic Institute (TAAI) 
1305 West Seventh Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501 USA 
Tel: (+1) 907 278-2085; Fax: (+1) 907 278-2035 fax 
E-mail: polarinst@aol.com

Marilyn Mason, President
Mason Integrated Technologies Ltd (MIT2)
P.O. Box 181015
Boston, MA  02118  USA
(617) 247-8885 (office & answering machine)
(617) 262-8923 (FAX)
MariLinc@aol.com (e-mail)
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