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4716: About "Le Petit Samedi Soir" (fwd)

From: Sara Pilling <spilling@erols.com>

To the Haiti List Serve and Bob Corbett --

I have been asked to be the agent for the SALE of several hundred issues

of the Haitian Weekly Magazine, Le Petit Samedi Soir. The issues
included in this only slightly incomplete collection date from December
1973 through January 1992. There were 693 issues; there are about 50
issues that are not included in this collection. Might any you have any
interest in acquiring the collection, or know of an institution who
might want to know more about them?

The owner [who is still in Haiti] wants/needs to sell them.
He is a retired Episcopal priest and times are getting pretty tough for
he and his wife. I'm guessing that he is feeling that it is time to
divest himself of some of his 'treasures'. Also, he doesn't want them to

be thrown away - wants them preserved as they cover an important part of

Haitian history.

If anyone on this list knows of a university/collector who would lie to
purchase this collection in toto, please let Bob Corbett know.

thank you for your time.