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#4714: Art Exhibit with Haitian Themes in Boston area


Corbett friends in the Boston area,
Let's put the political issues aside for a moment. It's a 200 year issue 
where I don't see the end or a solution for it. This is why I have not been 
able to comment on Corbetland for  a while. However, I want to say Thank you 
to HaitianStreetkid's webmaster for the cooking recipes. My teenage son 
drives me crazy when he calls me out of state to help him cook rice and beans 
over the phone. I referred him and other Haitian students who miss their 
parents' food  to that site.
I am writing also to mention that I did not realize until yesterday ( 
Wednesday)  there was a month long exhibit of paintings with Haitian Themes 
by Dr. Joan Semedo at One Story St. in Harvard Square. It ends tomorrow the 
If one did not have a chance to see it, Dr. Semedo has a web site 
<www.semedo.com> Since I saw the paintings  I did not visit the site. I 
assume  the pictures may be viewed in cyberspace also.