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Unit 16 - Assignment #16B (fwd)

Karen Kennedy
Unit 16
Assignment #16B - Last Comment on Critical Thinking

I have never been considered a poor reader, but I don't take the time to read very often either. Until completing this class, I would have considered myself a lazy reader. Now, I feel challenged to interpret whatever I'm reading. I would not call it laziness any more. My whole attitude about reading has changed. And, since I like puzzles I think of reading like a game. To figure the piece out, is to win the game!
The part of the course which I both appreciated and enjoyed the most was learning how to identify the thesis. This is the essence of what a writing is all about.  Sometimes a mystery, but always interesting to find, the thesis gives the overall story.  I have enjoyed building my skills in this area, as this may already have been a strength of mine.  I don't always find it easy to interpret the arguments, but hope to practice that a little after this course ends.