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#4723: Decision Leaves Family Consumed With Outrage (fwd)


Decision Leaves Family  Consumed With Outrage 
 By MICHELE McPHEE and ROBERT INGRASSIA  Daily News Staff Writers

 Patrick Dorismond's mother wailed with grief and outrage yesterday as
she denounced a grand jury's decision not to indict the undercover
officer who shot  her son. Overcome with emotion during a news
conference at the Empire State Building, Marie Dorismond looked to the
 heavens and sobbed, while begging President Clinton to order a federal
probe. "Don't let them take my son in vain like this," she said, wearing
over her  heart a button bearing her son's photo.
At one point, the grieving mother collapsed into the arms of the Rev.
 Al Sharpton.  "This is abuse," she said later, still sobbing. "This is
discrimination. The DA is taking me for stupid. They took my son's life
in vain." Dorismond's sister, Marie Andre Dorismond, and his     
girlfriend, Karen Sturkey, also wept as they condemned the          
grand jury's decision. Dorismond's father, Andre, clutched his       
dead son's watch. Sturkey said that her 1-year-old daughter, Destiny,
still misses  her father. "She goes around every day asking where he
is,"she said. "I'm weak. I can't take it anymore."The Dorismonds still
have civil options to pursue. In May, the family, represented by
high-profile attorney Johnnie Cochran,filed a notice of claim against
the city that indicated they plan to sue for $100 million.            
Yesterday, Dorismond's mother did   not hold back her emotions ? or her
 belief that the grand jury's decision  was racially motivated. "Why is
it? Because I'm black? Help me, Lord,"she said. The grand jury's finding
rekindled  the family's pain, with Dorismond's mother remembering the
day officers told her Patrick had been killed.They told me, 'Your son
died and we don't know how,'" she said. "Then Mr. Mayor came in and
criticized my son, called him all sorts of things."