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#4731: Opération "Fax Rouge" (#4658): Médard replies (fwd)

From: A. =?iso-8859-1?Q?Belokopitsky=2DM=E9dard?= <amedard@gte.net>

In support of the issue, I forwarded a copy of the Haiti Support Group's
message about Opération "Fax Rouge" to some of my Haitian friends.
>From their response, unfortunately, I think that many people
are apathetic about changing the state of things in Haiti.  Below is an
example of the replies I received:

> Well all those things are very good, but the same people who are looking for for J Dominique
> assassins, are the same who killed him, so nothing is ever going to happen, it is a big farce,
> they killed him, because he did not agree with all those things they are doing, and did not
> want Dany Toussaint the drug dealer, in the group, so that is it, he is dead now, and the
> investigation will continue forever and ever just like everything in Haiti, and soon everybody
> will forget he even existed.