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#4732: Haiti books in English and Creole from Educa Vision

I've been looking over a recent catalogue form Fequiere Vilsaint at Educa 
Vision.  I also have some books in my library from them as well.  Since 
there are still some summer weeks left for the children, and the coming 
of winter for perhaps some "read-aloud" books, I thought I would bring 
to your attention a few of Educa Vision's offerings.  They seem to do 
excellent work in making material available for people of all ages.

I was especially attracted to the novel by Maude Heurtelou, THE BONPLEZI 
FAMILY.  This novel for all ages is sub-titled:  "The Adventures of a 
Haitian Family in North America."  The one I'm looking at is an English 
translation by John D. Nickrosz, but it is also available in a Creole 
version which would be excellent for practicing your reading of Creole.

Remaining in the world of Creole for a bit, there is the English / 
Haitian Creole Medical Dictionary // Diksyone Medikal Angle Kreyol.  By 
the same Maude Heurtelou with Fequiere Vilsaint.

For the younger set there is small English / Creole "Colors / Koule" book 
with nice drawings to illustrate objects in each of the major colors.  
This one is for the tiny tots.  There is a similar version called
Shapes / Fom with, as the title suggests, drawings and words in English 
and Creole for the various primary shapes.

For older children, and for adults who are young at heart there is BOUKI 
AND MALIS, ah yes, the old standbys.  This was assembled by  Bob Lapierre 
and translated by John D. Nickrosz.

A rather curious offering which would challenge most of you is the Creole 
book ATLAS KO MOUN:  PREMYE PATI.  Whoooo, if this the first part, I'd 
have to do some serious work.  As I page through I realize this huge area 
of my ignorance.  I'd do about a 5% on an examination of my knowledge of 
human bones and the skeleton.

This is just a small sample.  Educa Vision has a wealth of material about 
Haiti in English, and books in Creole.  

Why not pick up a catalogue?  Given my own preference for the internet it 
looks like you can do it right on line.  I see a web site at:


Or, you can contact them for one of the hard copies of their catalogue at:


or even by those old fashioned methods of phone:  954-725-0701 and fax at 

they even have postal mail at:

Educa Vision, Inc.
7750 NW 47th Ave.
Coconut Creek, FL  33073

Bob Corbett