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Re: #4758: Grand Marnier workers - Bebe Pierre-Louis opinates (fwd)


Boy was I finally glad to read something relevant on the list! I think Corbett should open an "urgent action" column in which Corbetteers could substantially take a stand on such important issues and make their voices heard where they need to be heard.
Also, I think it's terrible that Grand Marnier only uses the skins and wastes so many valuable vitamins and other nutrients included in the juice and fruit.  Can't we all get together and protest! Demand a parallel industry which would serve the LOCAL POPULATION?
I often read the posts of so many "good samaritans" working in Haiti as missionaries. I'd love to hear their feelings about these critical cases of neo-colonialism, seated at the very root structure of haitian society they so much love to help.
Thank you.
Bebe Pierre-Louis