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#4767: On Selecting a Governing Elite in Ayiti (fwd)


Having a governing body selected is quite democratic and in fact is more 
suitable to the kind of control that Aristide wishes to have to realize his 
dream. There are two ways to conduct such a selection in light of having the 
people?s participation: 

1) only the legislative branch would be directly elected by the people. In 
return this group would select all members of the executive branches. 
2) the people could elect an independent body to select members of both 

Here again it would be important to limit the voting right of individuals. What 
the conditions should be in Ayiti?s case is a matter of debate. Not everyone 
should be allowed to vote. They would need to meet certain criteria making them 
eligible to vote. Those aspiring to become elected officials should also meet 
some criteria making them an eligible candidate whether, they are to be 
considered for the two branches or for the independent body. This suggestion is 
somewhat a carbon copy of what it used to be in the US early stage of democracy.

In other words restrictive rules must be established on the voting process if 
we want democracy to prevail one day in Ayiti. Whatever structure put in place, 
it has to be inclusive in terms of subgroups. However, it would be exclusive 
within each subgroup. Within each group, some people would be refrained from 
partaking in the process if the conditions are not met. This way there would be 
a much better representation of the country?s different categories. 

There would be: 1) a greater opportunity to build firm institutions 2) a 
stronger central government 3) a more fertile terrain to order 4) better means 
to execute laws and public programs.

With such a system, there would be less confusion. Elections could take place 
at different period for different districts or regions. Indeed, if it were that 
way during the last elections, the outcome would be different. Having to 
organize nation wide elections at the same time makes matters complex and went 
beyond the CEP?s control.

Setting a time frame for different regions, like it just happened unwillingly, 
was not bad at all. Ayitian authorities should draw lessons from that. A more 
accurate registration of those eligible to vote in that region would be in 
effect. Organizing elections on a smaller scale can be an effective way to 
combat fraud in Ayiti.

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live

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