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#4771: Re: #4758: Grand Marnier workers - Stockdale re: Bebe Pierre-Louis opinion (fwd)

From: Clayton Stockdale <cdstockdale@home.com>

>From one of the "missionaries":

I agree the conditions are appalling, and I don't condone them. BUT I am
NOTqualified to speak as an economist.  I will ask, however, is a "bad job"
preferable to NO job?  How many are out of work in Haiti due to loss of "bad
jobs" in the Disney clothing industry, after protesters in the comfy US got
the factories closed in Haiti (and moved elsewhere--where there was less bad
publicity).  I will also ask: is protest action from the US and other
countries actually helpful to the workers, if it may drive out the employer?

And, by the way, I didn't get the connection between "critical cases of
neo-colonialism, seated at the very root structure of haitian society" and "
'good samaritans' working in Haiti as missionaries"--what did I miss?

Deb Stockdale