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#4776: Re: Fwd: #4754: Haiti's Prestige wins Gold in the US World Beer Cup: bit of a snide remark! Corbett adds

From: ptalley <ptalleyrand@sorosny.org>

Must be the export version!


Oh my, I must disagree.  I've always found Prestige a wonderful beer.
I'm willing to believe it could be the situation.  But, coming in off
the street, hot and sweaty, thirsty, and getting a nice cold Prestige --
wow, it's always been one of my favorite Haiti experiences.  I'm willing
to believe that served up at my local bar here in St. Louis when I'm
neither hot nor sweaty and haven't been walking for the couple of hours
prior to entering the bar, that perhaps it might not measure up.

But my actual experienc with Prestige has never been anything but the most

However, that appreciate have been registered, I did wonder about the 
awards:  Since there was no accompanying details about where this "contest"
was and who sponsored it and all that, I thought it was just a joke.

Is this for real?  If so, how "real" in that what reputation does this
ranking have?  By whom and from whom?

Bob Corbett