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#4795: Re: #4776: Japan's aid (fwd)

From: steven white <stevelong@spyral.net>

Subject: Accuracy in reporting about Haiti
By Steve White stevelong@spyral.net

Here is the reporters version:

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) -- Japan has suspended its aid to Haiti amid
threats from the international community to withhold aid to the poor
Caribbean  country if it does not hold new elections, the private Radio
Metropole reported Saturday.

Here is what someone who investigates the facts reports:

"I made an inquiry to our Foreign Ministry.  Their answer was, "there is
no such fact that Japan has
frozen its aid to Haiti."

There is no excuse for the reporter not checking this out.  If Mihoko
could do it, AP could do it. If they are this careless with something so
easy, what are we to think about what they have to say about more
complex issues?  The major media outlets have a propensity to quote
anonymous sources, to rely heavily on the same biased sources over and
over again, and to repeat incorrect information even when it is easy to
check it's veracity.  Bob's forum  is invaluable to those who would like
to know something remotely resembling the truth about Haiti.