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#4809: Re: #4797: summary of AHP on Japan's aid (fwd)


Summary of AHP article made by HaitiNewsSummary as follows:

Japan Denies it has Taken Sanctions Against Haiti
Japan's Ambassador to Haiti denied reports that Japan had begun sanctions 
against Haiti.  He clarified that a shipment of medicines had been held up 
because of fear over demonstrations near the airport, but that Japan had 
taken no steps towards sanctions against Haiti.  This week the Japanese 
Agency for International Cooperation signed an agreement with Haiti to supply 
15 thousand tons of fertilizer to Haiti.  Japan is also preparing to import 
banana tree pulp from Haiti for the production of paper.  Experts from three 
Japanese companies are expected next week to visit Haiti and to sign a 
contract with the peasant organization KOZEPEP to deliver a first 15 metric 
tons of banana tree pulp for the price of $20,000.  The pulp is being 
purchased for a new paper production process being pioneered in Japan.  (AHP)