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#4806: Re: #4786: March calling for Toto Constant to be judged (fwd)

From: ROODY BARTHELEMY <kreyolco@hotmail.com>

It was only in July, last month, the U.S. Department of Justice has 
arbitrarily deported to Haiti around 500 Haitians or Haitrian-American 
criminals without providing the Haitian Government [Preval's Administration] 
the appropriate support for accomodating that special contingent.  It is not 
a simple  irony that the U.S. is automatically using Haiti as a warehouse 
for its criminals while that Haitians have to march, protest and beg the US. 
to allow them to judge one of their own criminals.  If Haitians or/and 
Haitian American criminals have to be deported just because of their 
national or ethnic descent, why should Haitians in the U.S. march to require 
that Toto Constant be sent for judgement [and justice] in Haiti?

Why does it have to be that ironic?  Some of the last month arbitrarily 
deportees are American citizens born  in the United States of America [no 
redundency intended].  Their crimes, for most of them, are either drugs- 
related or other repeated misdemeanors.  Many of them have not even killed 
YET. None hove them has already killed 5 times, nor 50 times, nor even 500 
times. But every body knows, on both sides, the American people and the 
entire nation of Haiti know of the more than 5,000 killings that have 
occured during the years of the coup d'état, under Toto Constant's 
leadership as the head of FRAPH.  The ruthless criminal and cocaine-addicted 
killer was on the payroll of the CIA just to carry out this mission.  The 
Haitian people witnessed his killings, the U.S. State Department knows of 
his killings.  The Central Intelligence Agency is well aware of Toto's 5,000 
death executions; it even commanded, backed up and financed the FRAPH 
organisation for these killings.  Anyone who spoke about the then-deposed 
president was subject to automatic elimination.

Yes, it is simply unthinkable! Why does it have to be so ironic?
Does America's jurisprudence based on jui sangui rather than jui soli?
What is the difference(s) between Toto Constant's crimes and the deportees'?
What makes the deportees criminal  enough to be so unwanted on American soil 
and Toto Constant not enough a criminal to be so much wanted and protected 
on American soil?
Hummmm! Who is (are) the real sponsors (plotters) of the coup d'état agaisnt 
Aristide in 1991? Hummmm, da ist ein feuergeruch hier! Smell the fire? Ah 
ha! Did I say the FRAPH's documents?

Here again, I can only speak to reapeat the great Jean Dominique: "There 
have always been double standards in the U.S. international policies and 
relations vis a vis Haiti.

I am not living in new York, I would gladly join my voice and
presence to this march for justice.  But I can only join my heart and faith 
joining the organizers and participants in their cry for JUSTICE. Justice 
for Alerte Bélance, for Claudy Museau, for Guy Malary, for les frères 
Izmery, for Jean L. Dominique (mon Chevalier sans peur et sans reproches), 
...[the names of the victims we lost are too many]...ak tout lòt ki tonbe 
anba FRAP maChIn lAnmò ki chaje ak taktik madichon pou andoye nanm 
natifnatal nou.

I have no intention of sounding anti-American.  As a layman in search of an 
education, I am simply studying now a part of History between the U.S. and 
my mother country Haiti.

Roody Barthèlemy

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