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BOB CORBETT has new E-MAIL ADRESS plus other IMPORTANT list changes

>From Bob Corbett:

Folks, it is with great regret that I tell you I am losing my netcom account.
I have a unix shell account and the company, Mindspring, is shutting down
all shell accounts.  I am so very sad. I've had this address since 1995
and there are thousands of folks out there with the netcom address and it 
won't be long before it is no more.

My new e-mail address is:


Happily the webmaster at Webster University says he can change the e-mail
address on the more than 1,000 files on my web site with a single 
find/change command.  Wheeeee.

However, you will need to begin sending the mail for the mailing list to
my Webster University address.  I'm going to use it for two reasons:

1.  Even though I retire this coming May, my Webster account will be
	with me long-term, it's part of my fringe benefits in retirement.

2.  It, too, is a unix shell account, and I like unix.

However, I am going to forced to introduce two new rules for posting:

A.  You MUST do your own full subject line.  I will return to you
unposted, any posts that come in without your own new subject line.
If you just use the old one I will not post the item.  I no longer
have time to write your subject lines for you.  (I'm retiring because
I am too busy to keep working!!!)

B.  Many of you continue to write your notes to the list over the top
of the previous message.  I've been asking for ages for you not to
do this.  Many still do.  After this message -- I've give a couple of days
for you to get this message and digest it -- I will simply delete such
messages without posting them or without responding to you.  I just don't
have the time to deal with messages like that if the sender can't even
be responsible for a simple thing like deleting the prior message.

Again:  My new e-mail address is:


OH me oh my, I just want my old netcom address.......

Bob Corbett