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#4836: Political allegiances of sitting senators (fwd)


On Greg's question about the political allegiances of the eight sitting senators:

I'm looking at the OAS's report on the 1995 elections, which lists the senators elected.  It looks like today's eight sitting senators were all elected on the Lavalas Movement ticket, or Bo tab la--OPL, PLB & MO, wasn't it?  Yvon Toussaint, who would have been the ninth, was killed in March 1, 1999.  I recall it was said then that his death deprived OPL of the majority in the senate, which would mean that OPL was left with four senators.  
Last Friday, there was a bit of a ruckus when Sen. Wesner Emmanuel welcomed some of the new Fanmi Lavalas senators to the Parliament building.  Edgar Leblanc, the acting president of the senate, strongly objected.  So I'd presume that Wesner Emmanuel is close to the Fanmi Lavalas.  Bernardin is the leader of PLB and I believe Madistin is an independent.  Not sure otherwise.

Wesner Emmanuel (West)  Lavalas
Edgar Gardy Leblanc (Grand'Anse) Lavalas
Jean-Joseph Laguerre (South) Lavalas
Irvelt M. Chery (Southeast) Lavalas
Samuel Madistin (Artibonite) Lavalas
Elie Plancer (NW) Lavalas
Renaud Bernardin (North) Lavalas
Jean-Claude Daniel (Northeast) Lavalas

Anne Fuller