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#4841: Washington times's article on drug list (fwd)

From: "Mario L. Delatour" <mardel@gol.com>


On Washington Times article alleging Denize's involvement in drug

Twenty seven years ago,when I was a young punk still in High school,I
witnessed a memorable scene at the entrance of "Bois Jalousie" in Petion
ville.A mulatto man was slouched in a "Bouret Kan" (wheelbarrow full of
sugar canes) clearly in an inebriate state.A few of us gathered around him
to witness this most bizarre spectacle.The man said: "I am going to cut
cane this year" to which I replied "Where would you go to cut cane" the
answer I got was:"Where the cane is the best". That was a day in the life
of Pierre Denize, better known to some of us as "Pierrot", in the days when
he seemed to be a hopeless alcoholic.The sight of "Pierrot" in the gutter
was not an unsual one in those days. A massive man,he was quite a fixture
around Petion ville in the seventies,and his antics were well known.People
looked at him in dismay as he was the son of a prominent Doctor,one who had
served as "Papa Doc's" first Minister of health,but had to flee in exile
after he and his wife had been imprisonned.
Pierrot Denize, a superbly intelligent man, pulled himself out of the
doldrums of alcoholism and founded APPAC,the Haitian version of AA
(Alcoholic Anonymous).APPAC is still in existence today,in fact it is an
institution,one which has served and rescued, a  good many Haitians who had
fallen prey to "Crack cocaine" and "Alcohol".
Somehow, through his friendship with Rene Preval,he was asked to head what
would become the HNP,the Haitian National Police.And so today "Pierrot" is
again a fixture,albeit a different kind.Nowdays he moves around with a
fleet of NISSAN 4 X 4 with dark tainted windows,at it is the customary norm
with all Haitian "Chefs".They seldom have time to deal with bumper to
bumper traffic,so when you see them you best move over.When he is out of
his car, his immediate security is reminiscent of Colonel Kadafi's, who's
known for his female bodyguards,"Ampil demonstration" (a lot of showing
off).Which brings us to the business of Denize's alledged involvement in
drug trafficking.The reporter of a recent Washington Times article, claims
Denize is on a list of suspected drug traffickers or facilitators as it
would be in Denize's case.The reporter also claims, Mr.Denize is the owner
of an airline,one which he does'nt name.Well let me say, that's news to
me.Which airline might that be? "Jacmel-Medellin Air Express" "Coke on it's
way Air". Beats me! Futhermore the reporter seems to have a hard time
reconciliating Mr.Denize's $20,000 yearly salary  and his lifestyle in an
air conditionned "Mansion".Thats news to me too,I knew the man lived in a
modest house in "Bois Moquette",to call it a "Mansion" is really stretching
Let me just say that I am not going to stick my hand in fire for "Pierrot
Denize" as to whether or not "Coke"money is supporting his lifestyle.People
change.Power corrupts.Idealism gives way to Big Bucks,what can I say, Shit
happens! But I frankly would find it very hard to understand, how a former
addict, and one who has done so much to help other addicts cope,let himself
be dragged into the business of poisoning others.Clearly Mr. Denize is in a
position where he knows who the "Drug Barons"are.He can play ball or choose
not play ball at all. The latter usually implies your life will be in
danger,which probably explains the excessive security around him.I believe
Mr.Denize to be "still" a man of integrity working under most hazardous
conditions.What puzzles with Mr.Denize though is why he has not handed in
his resignation.The police force which he heads has clearly shown its
colors,today it is at the service of a small group not the whole
populace.His cousin Robert "Ti Bob" Manuel,the former secretary of state
for public security was unceremoniously dismissed.Bob Manuel was Denize's
immediate superior.He too was a close friend of Preval.The president has
gone on the air to accuse Mr.Denize, his friend,of sheer incompetence.After
those declarations,Preval himself hit the streets with the police to
proceed with "stop and search operations",a first in the annals of
presidential duties.Preval refered to this as "Bay la polis la Zepol" (He
was landing the police a shoulder).Whaoo....Thats deep...Hey "Pierrot", I
dont know, but I think your time's up buddy.Sticking around much longer at
your post, might get some of us to think that maybe the money is just too

Mario L. Delatour