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#4848: conference: Haiti:Exploding the Myths (fwd)

From: Czerny Brasuell <cbrasuel@abacus.bates.edu>

"Haiti:Exploding the Myths" Bates College, Lewiston, Maine
September 28-30, 2000

In January 2004 Haiti will celebrate the bicentennial of its independence.
The first Black Republic, the island is not commonly known for having been
the site of the only sucessful slave revolution in the world.  Instead,
Haiti has long been plagued by misrepresentations and myths perpetuated in
the media that associate the island with images of "economic refugees",
formerly known as "boat people", extreme poverty, political turmoil, US
invasions and misconceptions of something called "Voodoo".  Underlying
these misconceptions is a "silenced history", that, once unveiled, would
not only explode the myths, but clearly discern them from their realities.

To gain greater understanding of the island and its current poltical and
socio-economic situations, we will use history as a lens to critically
interrogate Haiti's perpetual label as the "poorest nation in the western
hemisphere".  This challenging symposium is designed to engage participants
in critical discussions about the multiple ways in which Haiti has been
historically "incarcerated" by these misrepresentations. The presenters,
each expert in their respective fields, "explode" some of the myths that
continue to be associated with Haiti. The conference will follow a format
which emphasizes dialogue. Participants are being asked to present
historically grounded position papers or responses which investigate the
more immediate Haitian situation.  The presentations will be accessible to
a wider audience than that traditionally associated with such a conference.
The majority of the presenters are Haitian scholars from various
disciplines who reside either in Haiti or its diaspora.  The presenters are
academics, activists, professionals, youth and women.We hope to highlight
the rather crucial importance of history in conversations about Haiti while
simultaneously  challenging the existing stereotypes from multiple
perspectives. Topics and presenters include the following:

"Silenced History": Michel-Rolph Trouillot, University of Chicago,
Department of Anthropology;

"Linguistic Politics & the Politics of Language": Michel DeGraff, MIT,
Department of Linguistics and Philosophy; Mari-Jose N'zendouTayo,
University of the West Indies/Mona, Modern Languages;

Premiere of "Lamveritab" (2000), a reflexive documentary which is a
counterpoint to the stereotypical images that have plagued Haiti,consisting
of interviews filmed throughout the country: Producer, Gina Ulysse;
directors, Lenny Payan                               & Tracee Williams and
interviewer, Katia Ulysse

"Historic Representations of Women & Gender" Carolle Charles, Baruch
College, City University of New York, Department of Sociology, Mari-Jose
N'zendouTayo,                               Patrick Bellegarde Smith,
University of Madison-Wisconsin, Africana

"Haitian Women: Making Power, Taking Power" Madame
Frederika P.L. Alexis, National Coordinator, CHRESOF
(Coordonateur National,Centre Haitien d'Herbergement & de
Reintegration Sociale des Femmes en Difficulte

"Grassroots Movements and Democracy" Drexel Woodson, University of Arizona,
Department of Anthropology; Jennie Smith, Berry College, Department of

Open Discussion "Decision 2001: The Electoral Process, Processing the

"Politics and Development" Alix Cantave, Past President, Haitian Studies
Association, University of Massachusetts; Brunine
David, Liaison,                               Organizations Populaires, Fon
Dwa Moun, Haiti

"Developing Haiti: Local, Regional and Global Strategies" Michel-Rolph
Trouillot, Drexel Woodson, Jennie Smith,

"Human Rights: Is the Past the Present?" Herve Rakoto Razafimbahiny, MD,
Director, Fon Dwa Moun, Haiti; Brunine David

"Religion: Ancestral Worship, Serving Spirits and Catholicism"
Max Beauvoir, Houngan, Temple of Yahweh; Leslie Desmangles,
Trinity College,                        Department of Religion; Patrick
Bellegarde Smith

Roundtable on "The Haitian Diaspora" with special guest Wilbe Louis,
Haitian Youth Organization, Hinche, Haiti

Cultural Performance by Batwel Rada, rara band.

Registration fees are $45 ($10 for students and senior citizens) payable by
check or money order, to Bates College Multicultural Center, and mailed
with registration forms to: Bates College Multicultural Center, 63 Campus
Avenue, Lewiston, Maine 04240.  Registrations will also be accepted on site
through the second day of the conference, however, please fill out the
registration form below and return via e-mail to: Czerny Brasuell
(cbrasuel@bates.edu) or Gina Ulysse (gulysse@bates.edu) EVEN IF YOU PLAN TO
PAY in person. Registrations may also be faxed to 207-786-8353.  No cover
needed. Air travel arrangements to Portland, Maine (35 miles from Lewiston)
can be made through our conference agent, New Era Travel, 800-822-6393,
speak with Sue Rice. Buses from New York and Boston directly to Lewiston
are another option. Upon receipt of both registration form and fees, we
will send a packet, containing the complete conference schedule, hotel
list, eating options, etc.

Nou la, n'ap toujou la.

Please print clearly.


Mailing address____________________________________________


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e-mail         ____________________________________________

Institutional or organizational affiliation________________


I will attend: entire conference (9/28-30)_______

(Note: unfortunately, we will not be able to offer partial registration fees)

Areas of special interest________________________________________________



Between August 11 and August 27 please address any telephone inquiries to
Gina Ulysse at 207-786-6436, after that date you can contact either Prof
Ulysse at that number, or myself, at 207-786-8215.

Czerny Brasuell
Director of Multicultural Affairs
Bates College
63 Campus Avenue                                "Nou la"
Lewiston, Maine 04240                               -Boukman Eksperyans
(207) 786-8215  FAX (207) 786-8353