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#4855: re: 4839 Origin of press allegations (fwd)

From: Ninaclara@aol.com


I don't remember the press participating in this piece of 'disinformation', 
though I admit I most certainly did. Max commented at one point that he 
thought people would go for the electoral ID cards in a big way and then 
wondered if this necessarily meant that there would be big voter turn out. I 
seconded his query, saying that I had talked with a lot of people who had 
gotten their cards but were ambivalent about voting (I know, quite a 
blasphemous thought. I don't know how I dared to think it, let along utter it 
aloud). Now, it turns out that a great many people did vote. I am quite happy 
about this and pray to God the next government will merit their courage and 
confidence. I never made, nor would I, "an attempt to minimalize the Haitian 
people's commitment to participatory democracy." I did and still do have my 
doubts as to whether elections are the sole basis for a participatory 
democracy in Haiti. Some people, including Aristide, have wondered this at 
other moments. I don't see why such thoughts should now be labeled 
'disinformation.'  I am dismayed by the level of rancor I see between former 
friends and allies in Haiti. Must we reproduce this on this list as well?