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#4852: Re: #4836: Correction on the Lavalas Senators (fwd)

From: HYSEKA@aol.com

I believe that we may need to point out a small but important thing here. The list of the Senators as provided here, may give the wrong impression that all those Senators are really from the Lavalas movement. I do not believe so.

For instance, former Haitian history professor Wesner Emmanuel is of the PLB (which may be in some ways close to Lavalas, but not necessarily Lavalas per say). The same goes for Renaud Bernadin (he is also of the PLB).

Others like Edgar Gardy Leblanc and Irvelt M. Chery are not Lavalas. They are with the OPL which used to be Lavalas. 

It is true that those two guys ran under the Lavalas logo back when OPL meant Organization Politique Lavalas. But after the schism between Gérard Pierre-Charles and Aristide, OPL became Organization du Peuple en Lutte and fiercely anti-lavalas.

I do not know of the other three Senators- Samuel Madistin, Elie Plancer and Jean-Claude Daniel- what their political affiliation is or has become since that schism. I suspect that they may be with the OPL of Mr. Gérard Pierre-Charles. I may be wrong however.

Come to think of it, this is interesting. It is only now making sense to me, why Aristide a couple years ago warned that there won't be no more free rides under his back (pap gen roulib enkô). Many of those guys indeed, were elected senators under the Lavalas logo, JBA's version.

Haiti!! Or perhaps, Ayiti?!!

Hyppolite Pierre