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#4870: Slavin: A New Phrase (fwd)

From: JPS390@aol.com

Today's New York Times Travel section has a fine article about the summer 
pleasures of the Caribbean, by Daisann McLane. In it, she mentions a stay in 
Port-au-Prince at the Hotel Olaffson. Send out the hounds! I've wondered if a 
linguistic conference should be held to study the heritage of "Oloffson" in 
21st Century parlance...if this is further evidence of the media's clear 
preference for the comfort of the hills and the state of Montana and a lack 
of interest in covering Carrefour Feuille...if reporters in Haiti should be 
required to wear tee-shirts with ""I'm With The Media" on the front and "Stop 
Me Before I Kill Again" on the back. 
Patrick Slavin